Aveo Consulting

Aveo Consulting

Together to do more! Avеo Consulting is a company with experience in the field of providing accounting and consulting services for financial, credit and investment planning. Avеo Consulting offers a variety of solutions in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, capital investment, real estate, project management and fund management.

Avеo Consulting is a proven partner in eliminating potential problems that can undermine the company / organization’s prestige or lead to sanctions.

Avеo Consulting helps the management and control of a company / organization, compliance with legal obligations, reducing costs and improving labor efficiency by defining, establishing, implementing, reviewing, monitoring, maintaining and improving the company’s financial management system in the context of common for the given business / organization business risks.
One of the most important goals of the Avеo Consulting is to support Bulgarian companies / organizations in the process of applying the requirements of the European Union in order to compete on the European and world markets.

Avеo Consulting supports the preparation of application documentation for donor funding for municipalities, businesses, non-governmental organizations and other potential clients and partners willing to fund research, investment or innovative RES projects.

 Avеo Consulting has a great experience in providing financing and management of renewable energy projects with funding from national, European and international grant programs.

The head office of the company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria with offices in all regions of the country.

Priority axes in the company’s activities are:

  • Accounting services;
  • Development of knowledge and innovation activities-based companies / organizations;
  • Increasing the efficiency of companies / organizations and developing a favorable business environment;
  • Financial resources for the development of the companies / organizations;
  • Strengthening the international market positions of Bulgarian companies / organizations;
  • Technical support.

The leading principles in Avеo Consulting are:

  • Continuous and purposeful improvement of the offered service;
  • Full understanding and presentation of the client’s requirements and all legal and regulatory requirements, as well as their compliance;
  • Help with customer orientation in novelties, incl. European normative requirements and their implementation;
  • Ensuring and safeguarding business secrets and independence;
  • The belief that Avеo Consulting‘s activity contributes to the Bulgarian business becoming more competitive than the world’s.

Activities and services:

A / Accounting Services
B / Financial, Credit, and Investment Consulting
C / Applying on European Programs
D / Implementation of Management Systems
E / Energy Efficiency and RES

The Avеo Consulting team consists of highly qualified consultants with proven practical experience in management systems and financial, credit and investment consulting with various professional qualifications in all sectors. When deciding, they are guided by their quest to satisfy customers and offer competent advice, proven to be effective and useful, through an approach based on individual solutions to the problems of the particular client.