High Med Tech

High Med Tech

High Med Tech is a dynamically developing Bulgarian engineering consulting company with prominent interests in the field of ecology, geology and sustainable development. The company was established in 2008 and is based in Sofia. The motto of the High Med Tech is "protecting people, property and the environment," and the company's key objective is the development and application of rational and clean technology to improve air, soil and water quality through the deployment of sustainable development technologies based on cost optimization, high labor productivity, healthy work environment, care for non-renewable resources, and innovative environmental technology policy in line with European and global standards.

Being responsible for nature is a matter of behavior and values that create conditions for a healthy and fulfilling life for society, engagement with the idea of a clean and healthy future, clean air, water, soils, harmonious living environment.

This is in full force for the High Med Tech as an environmental consulting and investment company specializing in the development of environmental solutions for energy resource producers, industrial activities and agriculture. Hai Med Tech provides a wide range of recultivation, rehabilitation and land reclamation activities, including polluted and abandoned after resource extraction or urbanization, and offers highly efficient, innovative recycling and waste management services to corporate and governmental institutions, as well as local authorities.

High Med Tech works in partnership with its customers to increase recycling levels, reduce household waste and improve landscape cleanliness.
The company’s goals include: creating employment, introducing innovation and increasing the energy efficiency of its business ventures.

High Med Tech realizes its goals and promotes sustainability through the continuous development of a variety of environmentally responsible business practices and consulting services. For the High Med Tech, the environmental management system is part of the company management system.

After years of intensive mining operations with the use of limestone for the treatment of industrial waste, the company focuses on the reclamation of large-scale mines and the development of ecological fish farms with extensive methods around Lake Burgas with the aim of environmentally friendly use of natural resources.

Worldwide, aquaculture has grown rapidly over the last 10 years, but in Europe, rates are much slower than other continents, and more than half of European production comes from non-EU countries. Therefore, the development of the sector is a top priority in EU policy.

The High Med Tech Fish Breeding Farm “Burgas Lake” is located in the Black Sea biogeographical region, along Burgas Lake “Vaya”, which is included in the European Ecological Network Natura 2000, as a Special Protection Area (SPA) for the conservation of wild birds and is a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. In the site have been recorded several IUCN red-listed species of animals – 5 invertebrates, 4 fish, 4 amphibians, 3 reptiles, 5 birds and 3 mammals. The area provides suitable habitats for 262 bird species, protecting 135 species of the Nature Directives and 2 habitat types of the Habitats Directive.

The total area of the Fish Breeding Farm “Burgas Lake” is 586 daa (58.6 ha). Heat-loving fish species are grown: carp, toothbrush, white amur, pike, catfish, lynx, white fish, etc. with extensive methods. Priority in the activities is based on modern facilities to form an ichthyophauna of valuable fish species and organize effective fishing. In addition, there is an important ecological mission to the Fish Breeding Farm and the Burgas Lake, which are of international importance about preserving the area and the natural state of the natural habitats of the species, including the natural species composition, typical species and environmental conditions for these habitats. The High Med Tech Company has a production base and specialized equipment and transport and, if necessary, invests resources and efforts to restore the natural state of native habitats of the species, subject to conservation within the protected area near the city of Burgas and provides opportunities for a scientific research, education, environmental monitoring and ecotourism.
Since 2010 the High Med Tech is a full member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

High Med Tech maintains a team of highly qualified, competent and motivated specialists, requiring every employee to realize the importance of their actions to meet customer requirements and enhance the company’s prosperity. An environment of good cooperation and trust between the employees and managers of the company has been created and the consultants of the company are environmental experts and geologists, members of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

What are the advantages of working with High Med Tech:

  • Qualitative studies – guarantee for optimal choice and secured financing;
  • Achieving real benefits through a strong focus on results;
  • Strict management to achieve the main goals and adherence to timetables, so as to provide timely concrete results;
  • Work closely with the client in making critical decisions while keeping an objective and independent viewpoint;
  • Policy for choosing the most appropriate team for the project – Identifying the most qualified and experienced experts to meet the needs of the client;
  • Specialized methodologies and tools – Hai Med Tech specialists are trained and equipped with proven world-class methods and tools. This means that the customer can make the most of their experience;
  • As an organization that is fully aware of its responsibility for environmental protection, Hai Med Tech believes that the world should be preserved as an appropriate place for future generations to live.

With its combined experience in business and consulting, High Med Tech has increased its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness every day and stated its intentions to expand its position not only in Bulgaria but also in the region as proof that the success story continues.