Lacio Costruzione

Lacio Costruzione

“Lacio Costruzione”
is a Bulgarian industrial company, performing consultancy, expertise and engineering activities in sectors of strategic importance to the economy of the country and vital to our daily lives - asset management in the field of geology, ecology and sustainable development.

Established in Sofia, it initially directs its activities to consultancy and expert services for Bulgarian and foreign companies, whose interests are related to the exploitation of deposits in the country. As a result of the experience gained and contacts, Lacio Costruzione has expanded its field of activities and has been active in the field of demand and research for non-metallic, building materials and mineral raw materials for more than 10 years, also invests in technologies to reduce environmental impacts and to utilize alternative energy resources by collecting, processing and recycling slag, clinker and other industrial waste materials.

In its activity, Lacio Costruzione seeks to build a stable environmental management system, application of measurable standards and reporting systems. Lacio Costruzione is also specialized in recultivation of open cast mines and their ecological preservation.

Lacio Costruzione maintains a constant commitment to provide the most reliable service, efficient process, competitive price, environmental compliance and high quality product. As part of this commitment, the company continually invests in facilities, technologies and the way it conducts business. The European Union’s environmental policy aims at delivering simultaneously an efficient business, effective control, energy savings and emissions.

Lacio Costruzione conducts consultancy, expertise, engineering, production, and commercial activities in the following main directions:

  • Search, exploration, extraction and marketing of non-metallic, quarry materials and mineral raw materials;
  • Reducing the impact on the environment and utilizing alternative energy resources;
  • Engineering and geological surveys and studies, related to the assessment of the natural risk;
  • Pre-project and design studies for the mining and quarrying industry;
  • Environmentally friendly management of mining and industrial waste;
  • Consultancy and expert activities in the field of environment for industrial and mining sites;
  • Consultations and expert activities in the field of national legislation, related to prospecting and extraction in the national mining industry.

The leading principles in Lacio Costruzione‘s work are:

  • Ensuring high quality and professionalism in its activities by taking the most accurate engineering, technical and management decisions and achieving optimal performance combined with an affordable price of manufactured product to ensure customer satisfaction in all aspects and stages of cooperation ;
  • Effective use of resources (water, energy, raw materials, auxiliary materials and fuels);
  • Implement flexible project financing schemes;
  • Implementation of measures for the protection of air, water and soil;
  • Prevention, recovery and / or disposal of generated waste;
  • Implementation of an environmental management system based on precise and clear standards.

Lacio Costruzione cooperates with over 40 highly qualified experts from different universities and institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. They can be mobilized and hired on short-term contracts for the execution of various major projects.

Lacio Costruzione is a representative of the modern business in Bulgaria and is responsible for the environmental and social problems of the regions in whose territories he operates. Serious investments are being made not only in new industries, technologies, machines and environmental protection, but also in activities to increase the qualifications of employees – the most valuable capital of Lacio Costruzione.