Primum Engineering

Primum Engineering

Primum Engineering with its staff, technological and technical equipment and good financial standing is a competitive player in the construction and commissioning of infrastructure projects of all kinds and complexity, as well as for repair and finishing works.

Primum Engineering offers design, construction, building, installation, dismantling, transport and delivery of infrastructure of all kinds and complexity. The company is dedicated to the application of cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies in the construction, repair or rehabilitation of the sites, in order to achieve in a short time the high quality of the construction works and the lower cost.

Primum Engineering has the most advanced, specialized equipment and its own transport for the realization of the whole construction process on the territory of the whole country.

Primum Engineering offers:

  • Design and construction of buildings and facilities in accordance with approved projects and technical requirements;
  • Design, construction, building, assembly, dismantling, transportation and delivery of metal halls, sandwich panels and metal structures suitable for shop, warehouse, administrative, commercial and industrial buildings;
  • Design, construction, building, assembly, dismantling, transport and delivery of prefabricated buildings, panel constructions and sheds, warehouses, industrial halls;
  • Development of investment projects in construction;
  • Development of technical documents related to the planning, execution, reporting, acceptance and permission for using buildings;
  • Activities related to the production, marketing and application of building materials and products.

Primum Engineering also works on programs to effectively solve environmental problems, minimize waste disposal, recycle, and safely store waste.

Basic principles of the company’s activities are:

  • Establishing business relationships based on moral values;
  • Striving to be a reputable, competent and professional partner;
  • Conducting a transparent and open policy in the company’s activities;
  • Observing the Labor Code and the norms for health and safety at work;
  • Compliance with the laws regulating the company’s activities;
  • Combating all forms of corruption;
  • Participation in solving the problems of the region in which the main activity of the company is carried out.

In the process of the construction of buildings and facilities Primum Engineering observes the current trends in the construction, according to the requirements of the European Union, firmly adheres to the principles of correctness, trust and respect in its relations with clients and partners. High professional qualities and professional ethics have been and will remain an integral part of Primum Engineering – a trusted partner who can offer a full cycle of services related to the realization of a project.