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Calidris Canutis

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The history of the Calidris Canutis began in 2010, when the company for environmental management and natural resources was established, providing a wide range of services in the use and preservation of natural resources in the development of ecological projects, mineral processing, industrial waste recycling, reclamation of damaged areas.

Company growth

Establishment and Development

Calidris Canutis was founded to concentrate technical, technological, financial, information, human and other resources in order to achieve an optimal level of professionalism and specialization in the provision of engineering, economic and legal services to state and private organizations in projects in the field of industry, trade and agriculture.

Over the years, Calidris Canutis creates and manages a diverse portfolio of direct and indirect investments in multiple disciplines and industries such as infrastructure projects, transport, logistics management, financial services, financial, credit and investment consulting, environmental consulting for real estate, construction, trade and agriculture and thus by a Bulgarian company with a market in the Balkans, developed into a large company whose subsidiaries operate worldwide.



The investment philosophy of Calidris Canutisis to be an active participant in business development, not just a passive investor or a passive investment channel. In the existing portfolio of companies (subsidiaries) there are broad interests ranging from key industrial sectors and energy to construction, trade and agriculture.

Calidris Canutisis built on values that define and guide businesses in a socially responsible and ethical way: respect for law, support for universal human rights, environmental protection, and benefiting the communities in which it operates.

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Calidris Canutis

strives to make its internal environment most friendly and stimulating work. The company welcomes the employees' initiatives and creativity, aimed at putting the company's values into practice and achieving its goals, and expects the employees to pursue the spirit of corporate values and corporate policy, to have a constant focus on professional development, initiative and creativity to meet the goals of the company.

With established market positions and solid and long-lasting partnership relationships based on proven loyalty and integrity, Calidris Canutis' strategy is to be a bridge between the East and the West, expand its profile and help its clients and partners achieve success in the sophisticated modern world.